Carrier Networks & IP Connectivity


We help large carriers advance forward by providing high quality consultancy and integration services related to their networks, ultimately benefiting our clients’ bottom lines and their users’ service experience. We work hand in hand with clients to ensure that our clients always receive customized support specifically tailored to their needs. We have an experienced team ready to provide remote and on-site support and consultancy on an extremely short-notice.

We have dispatched numerous Resident Engineers who currently “live, work and breathe” our clients’ networks in their respective countries of operation. Our well-trained and highly specialized Resident Engineers work face-to-face with our clients and stay in close contact with our remote support team to provide qualitative services, such as: planning, modifications, service migrations, and technical consulting. We specialize in the planning and executing clients’ network activities including, but not limited to: integrations, migrations, expansion/reduction, backbone building, planning, management and many other activities and their respective sub-activities. We are an innovative group of experts together with our partners are helping large operators pave the way in an ever-intensifying race to incorporate modern technologies in their service offerings. We are experienced and proactive, with a meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to support our clients 24/7. Our experience encompasses work with a wide range of equipment and vendors, such as: Ericsson, Cisco, Juniper, Dragon Wave, Motorola, Ciena, Nokia, Alcatel, Ceragon, Asentria, Huawei, Samsung, Brocade, Extreme Networks, Mikrotik, PaloAlto, ZTE, Barracuda, HP, Dell, VmWare, KVM and others. We are well-positioned to move forward in latest technologies, helping other large carriers gain pace in the development race.

By connecting to our partners Tier 1 IP backbones, we provide a seamless service from a single AS-based worldwide network for high speed IP connectivity all around the world. Direct connection to major ISPs in many countries makes Internet access faster and minimizes distance delays. For this purpose we provide our client with the opportunity to get a dark fiber, as a prepaid subscription service. The provided optical fibers are each with a specification according to their type and are contained in separate documents provided by us or our location partners, whereas our endpoints support the following types of connectors: LC / PC, LC / APC, SC / PC, SC / APC, E2000 / APC, FC / APC, FC / PC.