Our Technologies

Our most significant infrastructure solutions are the projects done for our clients: EGW Telecom, IPKO, Niart, Kosovo Telecom – Vala, Kosovo Railways, Konet, Telecom International Group. Projects include hundreds of kilometers of cables and many fiber optic joint connection positions laid. These backbone networks carry a full range of data-based services, including video, data and voice services, private line and wavelength (lambda) traffic, as well as IP-based services and Internet access, with capacities of the installed distribution systems that can reach latest technology capacities on each pair or single fiber.

We offer complete solutions – from end-user equipment and cabling, to the network core devices, integrated into optimal design which best meets each customer’s needs. Professional services, as a part of the complete solution, include expertise in design, project management, implementation of the project, testing the final outcome, and training of the customer’s staff tailored to fit the customer’s need.

As one the main infrastructure maintenance and support services companies we are contracted from Telecoms to construct, extend, manage, maintain and support telecommunication infrastructure. Our company offers consultancy and managed services, closely trailing the process from the beginning to the very end.

The most important areas of our expertise are:

  • transport Fiber Optic infrastructure,
  • PON networks,
  • Layer Technologies,
  • Core/Edge and Aggregation,
  • Datacenter,
  • Virtualization,
  • Cloud,
  • Security,
  • XPON / GPON / GEPON / EPON infrastructure deployment technologies,
  • IP telephony,
  • Management systems,
  • WAN networking,
  • LAN networking and structural cabling.

The installed systems are supported by our professional personnel, providing 24/7, 12/6 or 8/5 maintenance and support basis, according to the contract specifics.

Our Departments dealing with networking and telecommunications employ full-time or part-time staff depending on projects. Most of them are graduated and well trained engineers with latest advanced technology certificates. European and world cabling standards (EN 50173, ISO/IEC 11801 and ANSI/TIA/EIA 568) are strictly applied. This guarantees the quality of our services.

Our Partners